SAC-C Satellite’s HRTC and MMRS Cameras Image Integration Product


The image integration beta product (merge) with images simultaneously acquired by the HRTC (High Resolution Technical Camera) and MMRS (Multispectral Medium Resolution Scanner) cameras developed by CONAE, is already available at the SAC-C image catalogue.


The HRTC’s spatial resolution is of 35 meters and the MMRS’s is of 175 meters. The HRTC camera is a panchromatic camera, with only one spectral band. The MMRS camera is a multispectral camera with five bands, three of them are in the visible region (VIS), one in the near infrared region (NIR), and the last one is in the short wave infrared region (SWIR).


The objective of this development is to create a five band product (equivalent to the MMRS camera bands) with a 35 meter resolution (equivalent to the HRTC camera) preserving the radiometric characteristics of each band and a 90 kilometer observation width (swath width), corresponding to the HRTC camera.


Various methods have been analyzed, from which one has been chosen to generate the product that complies with the requirement of improving the spatial resolution of each band, preserving the radiometric content. In this way, better interpretations of the product, as well as classification analysis will be easier for users to perform. At present we are working in the final adjustment, validation and automatization of the product.


The next figures show some examples. The images are presented in JPEG format and are reduced for better visualization and faster internet download.



MMRS and HRTC  Merge



Subset from path 224, over Argentina.

Acquisition date: 30th September 2002.

Band Combination: 3-2-1





Subset from path 227, over Argentina.

Acquisition date: 5th October 2002.

Band Combination: 3-2-1





 Subset from path 228, over Argentina.

Acquisition date: 26th September 2002.

Band Combination: 3-2-1